Bowling in New Orleans

Bowling Ball and Pins with text "Rock 'n' Bowl, New Orleans"You might think that bowling would be last on your list of Things to Do in New Orleans, but as with most things, New Orleans does bowling a little bit different and might I say, a little bit better than most places.

Just a little more than a mile from 1896 O’Malley House is the famous opens in a new windowRock ‘N’ Bowl. Now in a newish location on South Carrollton Avenue, the place is so much more than a bowling alley. Since this is NOLA, you will have live music, a dance floor, delicious bar food and drinks. The music is generally Wednesday through Saturday nights and some Sundays, and consists of names you know, like Amanda Shaw and the Cute Guys, Horace Trahan and so many more. The dance floor is “sprung”, which means it has more than one layer to make it softer to the foot, so you can dance longer and harder than usual!

The bartenders are known for their friendliness and ability to make drinks of all kinds. The food is not what you’d expect from a bowling alley – how about a house grind burger, on a Leidenheimer onion bun? You can also choose from fried treats, a chicken with greens salad, and even Boudin Douzaine. Wait- what was that? Yes – a basket of delicious, deep-fried sausage balls. Wash it all down with a beer, then try the Bread Pudding Po’ Boy for dessert. Don’t worry about the calories! You’ll dance and bowl them right off!

When you’re in New Orleans, you want to visit the most iconic spots in the city, and Rock ‘N’ Bowl will not disappoint!

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