It’s Mardi Gras Time Again!

mardi-gras-mask-Well, here we are mid-January and we have just a few rooms left for Mardi Gras – check our opens in a new windowavailability calendar or call us at (504) 488-5896 to get yourself all fixed up! We are in an excellent location to see all that Mardi Gras has to offer, so close to the streetcar line. You’ll have an authentic New Orleans experience when you stay with us!

Mardi Gras is on February 8th this year- but the fun starts way before that! You’ll probably want to take part in the extended weekend before Fat Tuesday (February 5- 9) so you can enjoy as much as you can on your vacation. You can see parades starting in early January all the way through February 9th – check the excellent opens in a new windowParade Schedule put out by MardiGras New Orleans.

When in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, make sure to keep yourself happy and safe by following a few tips:

1- Make sure you have plenty of water to drink – the weather could be anywhere from the 40s to the 80s, and you’ll be walking all around the city. Don’t get dehydrated, especially if you are partaking in adult beverages.

2- Speaking of adult beverages – you’ll want to be safe- don’t get yourself so befuddled that you can’t make it back to your lodging or make yourself a target for the less-friendly elements that lurk about. Bourbon Street is the center of the sloshed, but the rest of the parades and parts of the city are full of families that want to have a good time just like you!

3- Choose the parades you want to see and get yourself a spot in advance- find a place to stand or sit- check for proximity to bathrooms, especially if you have kids. Don’t show up 10 minutes before the parade and expect to find a great spot- you’ll be disappointed!

4- What out when you’re grabbing for beads, doubloons and other throws – you might consider stepping on the prize, then picking it up when you’re pretty sure nobody’s going to stomp on your fingers.

5- Bring some sacks for your stuff- the throws from the floats, the souvenirs you pick up, your water bottles – an empty backpack works great!

6- Leave valuables at your lodgings, not in your parked car with out-of-state plates. Bring cash and keep it safe – you might even consider pinning it to an interior pocket- don’t carry your wallet in your back pocket.

7- Wear comfy shoes and clothing – layer for warmth and coolness, and bring sunscreen. Keep in mind you’ll be among huge crowds – you’ll want to wear your old shoes that you won’t mind getting dirty.

8- Best advice – take it easy! Let the good times roll! You’re dealing with crowds, chaos and a city that it unfamiliar – you might get a little lost, or be a little late – don’t let the stress get to you – laugh and have a great time

Do some research before you come and you will have a wonderful time at the most festive time of the year in New Orleans – MARDI GRAS!!!

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