Museums Around Town – New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA)

What is a stay at 1896 O’Malley House without a visit to to the opens in a new windowNew Orleans Museum of Art? Just a short walk (about 1.5 miles) away, and you can get lost in an art collection covering 4000 years. This amazing collection lives in 46 galleries and is worth about $200 million. The collection features pieces from America, Europe, Asia, and Africa; including Pre-Columbian, Oceanic, and Native American pieces.  NOMA has been around over just over 100 years, and the fascinating collection within its doors will take you on a journey through art history through the Americas, and around the world.

NOMA also boasts an incredible selection of art on the peacefully landscaped grounds with 200-year-old live oaks. For a small fee, opens in a new windowWellness Classes are offered every Saturday morning and Monday evening – you can enjoy Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi in the Besthoff Sculpture Garden.

During your visit to NOMA, enjoy your lunch at opens in a new windowCafe NOMA by Ralph Brennan.  The delicious menu and atmosphere reflects the values of the museum.  You might even run into our innkeeper, Larry, as he enjoys lunch at the Cafe frequently!

NOMA  ensures that visitors of all ages discover entertainment and enlightenment within their doors! From talks, films, and book clubs for adults to a Saturday Storyquest featuring professional children’s authors and illustrators for kids; NOMA provides creative and engaging activities to the community.

Currently, NOMA is celebrating expressionist and sculptor Ida Kohlmeyer who would be 100 this year, with a special display of items from the permanent collection called “Ida Kohlmeyer: 100th Anniversary Highlights.” Also featured this fall is the art of local artist Jim Richard in an exhibit called “Make Yourself at Home.” Finally, if you’re a fan of photography, check out the thought-provoking exhibition, “Photography, Sequence, & Time.”

We hope you’ll take advantage of this New Orleans masterpiece!  For more details about this wonderful place visit their website,our resource for this information and photo.  Also, the opens in a new windowNew Orleans Museums website has several more museum suggestions!

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  1. Well, I would say good choice for the main tighns (zoo, aquarium, etc.) I would also recommend going to the Riverwalk also. Its a little shopping center with a food court right next to the aquarium. Also by the aquarium is the Jax Brewery. They have some shops in there, and a Ripley’s Believe it or Not (quite entertaining.) You might also want to go to the French Market.For night, I would reccomend walking around and looking for a little outdoor coffee shop. Cafe Du Mond is nice. A lot of the time they will have a live band playing. Or you could go to Harrah’s Casino. It’s pretty nice.Hope you have fun! I was just there today!PS Don’t listen to Kiko. She’s exagerating everything. The French Quarter/Downtown area was virtually untouched by Katrina. There really isn’t that much crime (well, not more that usual) and you most certainly won’t get arrested for going to the cemetary. =)I live on the MS Gulf Coast; only about an hour’s drive from New Orleans.

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